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Zenzele Valves is a level 1 BBBEE Certified, 30% woman owned and 100% black owned company. We are one of the leading valve suppliers and manufacturers to offer solutions that meet the expectations of all customers.

We are committed to supplier development and localization as required by the department of trade, industry, and competition (the DTIC).

In October 2017, Zenzele Valves Manufacturing acquired the Gunric Valve brand. This strategic investment enabled Zenzele Valves to extend its manufactured products range, which includes large diameter and high-pressure Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Double Eccentric Butterfly valves and Non-Return Valves.

Gunrics’ Butterfly Valve range is available in sizes up to DN2500 and pressure up to PN63. The design was first developed in South Africa – nearly 30 years developed in South Africa – to achieve precise contact between disc seat and body seal in the full shut off position – without any rubbing or galling.

Gunrics’ No-Return Valves are available in sizes up to DN2500 and pressure up to PN40.

We believe in basic strategies such as being innovative, keeping our business simple and being close to our markets and customers. Zenzele Valves focuses on managing our facilities according to local values and regulations. We believe in giving our people the freedom to carry on with their daily responsibilities in due consideration of local standards and legislation. We strive to provide the best working conditions and ethics for a successful black owned business.



Quality that guarantees the customers a solution that works, lasts and lives up to or exceeds standards and requirements in the local market to avoid unforeseen additional costs.


To give local customers the opportunity to choose an innovative supplier who ensures that they can easily adapt to future market demands.


Pursuing a sustainable growth strategy that can lead to sustainable business, new business opportunities and significant cost savings for local customers.


Being the one reliable supplier the customers can measure performance and make changes to constantly improve their business.


The Suppliers that handles the customers professionally and offer solutions to their enquiries and requests.


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